What is Live Love?

Live Love is a mechanism for wellbeing. Our tools are: the Live Love Bracelets, the Live Love social media channels, the Live Love Newsletter and our ground actions. Our bottom line is leaving our cities, our world, a little better than we find them. Instead of focusing on the negative, we turn our focus to light, thoughts and emotions that push humanity forward, and to doing what we can to help. 

In a world gone nuts, Live Love stands for finding reasons to smile, solutions to problems, even if they're tiny changes to one's daily life, moments that unite us in Humanity no matter where we come from, what color our skin is, or what we believe in. This bracelet aims create social energy, to foster creativity, diversity, possibilities, opportunities, communities of love. We bridge cultural gaps.

Our wide social media following has allowed us to call upon volunteers and create change in many places such as Beirut, Jordan, Armenia, even Venezuela and Madagascar. Historically we've given back parts of our proceeds to fund local projects in each city.


We seek to understand

 Differences are easy to claim. Live Love is a philosophy that pushes us to try to understand others before judging. We try to create silence, then dialogue. Everyday we receive thousands of images from around the world. People of all backgrounds, beliefs, skin colors are all the same. We watch the same sunsets, sing under the same moons, cry under the same rain. Our Humanity is one. Compassion, deep understanding, is at the basis of all our thought system. 


Where do the profits go?

1. Sustaining Live Love's operations. Hosting our site, supporting our community managers, our production and supply chain.

2. Actions we take around the world to support the themes of Live Love: protecting the environment, helping refugees and immigrants, supporting organizations that work for the abolition of hunger and poverty, empowering artists. 


Life is not about changing the world. It's about changing ourselves. 

It's easy to be paralyzed by the size of the problems we face. Live Love is a philosophy that pushes us towards taking actions, no matter how small they are, to stand for what we care about. Nature, love, human kindness, equality, arts. 

A Collective Energy

That bracelet on someone's wrist is so much more than a fashion item. It means we're all in this together. Resisting to remain positive, focused, loving, caring. Resisting to remain silent, soft, tender in the face of all struggles.

How did live love start?

You can read this Medium article, or watch the story here:


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